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Website That Fits My Business

Make My Website Fit My Business

The immediate answer to make my website fit my business is easy: just talk about your business. OK, is that just a little too simplistic? Maybe, but you wouldn’t believe how many people create websites that talk about so many

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I Need a Website

“I need a website,” is the call for help we hear most often. But, what should you do before you make that call for help? We recommend that you have a clear set of goals for what you need a

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Website for Business Accolade Group of Vermont

About My Website

What I needed to know about a website 10 years ago In the early days of the Internet, this was easy question to answer. Most people who were thinking about setting up a website would just ask their 12-year-old son,

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SEO Audit

An SEO Audit sounds like something you might do when you go to the bank or an unwanted letter from the IRS after you file your taxes. An SEO Audit is your first step when you are considering optimizing your

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Website Cost

How Much does a Website Cost?

You are going to meet with your website developer and you are going to ask, “How much does a website cost.” The cost of a website can be divided into two parts The first part is the cost to construct

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What About MOZ?

We have been talking about a web developer not understanding your business. As part of that discussion, we have also asked what do you, the business owner, want to know. We have talked about Google Analytics as part of that

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What Should I Change to Fix My Website?

There are some basic elements that you need to look at to fix your website. Fix my website appearance Your website should look good. If you are not satisfied with how your website looks, then talk with your web developer

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How Do I Find Time to Fix My Website?

Isn’t this a question that we are always asking ourselves? How do I find time to do this? Or to do that? Finding time to do anything has become a major problem in our lives. To find time to fix

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