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“I need a website,” is the call for help we hear most often.

But, what should you do before you make that call for help?

We recommend that you have a clear set of goals for what you need a website to do:

  • What would you like it to do for your business?
  • Do you want to increase brand awareness?
  • Would you like to collect prospective customer information?
  • Do you have a service that you want to promote?
  • Do you have a product that you are selling and you want to help sales by providing easy to access product information?
  • … these are just a few of your possibilities.

Once you define your goals, we will be better equipped to build your site, and you will be able to gauge your success more effectively.

Unfortunately, many businesses come to us thinking that they need a website to improve their business – and that’s all they need. This is NOT true. You need other forms of marketing that your website can be part of. Business card, letterheads, vehicle lettering also help promote your business. These other forms of marketing can be readily found in your service area.

And, very important to your business, word of mouth. We can help you with this aspect as you begin to ask yourself why you need a website. In fact, this aspect of your website could become the most important part of why you need a website

Our development begins with

  • understanding your online goals,
  • answering questions about whether your goals make sense for your website,
  • providing suggestions on how to achieve them.

During this process, you will find that we are very realistic about what the Internet can and can not do for your business.

Often, we help our clients construct a two or three stage development plan. Each stage has it’s own development cycle and goals. This way we can help you achieve your most ambitious plans as you gain experience with promoting your business online.

A few other reasons you need a website.

Return to the steps in I Don’t Have a Website.

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I Need a Website

“I need a website,” is the call for help we hear most often. But, what should you do before you make that call for help?

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