Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Good things take time.

“Yup, we’re certified in this, too.
And a few other things as well. “

Explaining content marketing is not something that can be easily accomplished in a short online post; however, if you have attended any of my presentations, you have seen in detail how content marketing works.

The least you should know is that Google takes a look at each page of your website and evaluates it. So, really, a website does not make it onto the first page of Google, your individual web pages are what are actually ranked.

There are a number of factors or signals that Google looks at when evaluating a web page. One of the most important is what do you have to say – your content! And, how much do you have to say. For example, a web page with fewer than 300 words is probably not very informative. 1,000 words on a web page is more like what Google is looking for. And it should be original content and related to the overall concept of your website.

Yup, we have certification in Content Marketing and a few other certifications as well. If you want to learn more about this, then you will find the individual certification listed on each page of our team members.