Where Did My Website Developer Go?

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Unfortunately, many people have found themselves in the position of asking, quote where did my website developer go?” Do you remember when you went for the first time to meet with your developer and you are very enthusiastic about creating your website? Your developer spent a lot of time talking with you, working with you, making suggestions and everything else so that you would have a good website.

And you paid a lot of money.

Now, all you want to do is to make one or two small changes to your website. Your website already exists. It is online. Maybe all you want to change is one or two words. Maybe you want to add a paragraph about a new topic. How much will that cost? Whatever the price you will be charged, it will be considerably less than you paid for your website when you first had built.

And that’s the problem.

Some developers are only interested in making big bucks when they create a website. But, when it comes time to making small corrections for which they will only make a small amount of money, they don’t return your calls, they are nowhere to be found.

There really isn’t much that you can do about this situation. I suppose that you can continually contact this company and try to hound them into doing the work that you want done. But what good will that do? It’s clear that they don’t think that they are making enough money for the small work that you want them to do.

Sadly, the best recourse that you have open to you in this deplorable situation is to find a new web developer. When you go to a new web developer, you will be able to show that you have an existing website. You can immediately say that all you want are a few changes to be made.

You may have to go to one or two web developers in order to find someone who was willing to make the changes that you want to have done. However, sooner or later, you will find someone who can help you. And that is the person that you will probably wish that you hired in the first place. Work with this person now on your few corrections, and you will see, I think, that he will be able to help you in the future on larger changes that you wish to implement.

Most likely, this web developer has seen your situation previously. He will be sympathetic and understanding to the situation in which you find yourself and probably be most willing to help you. Work with him and forget your first developer; because it seems he has forgotten you.

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