Good things take time.

“If you don’t have a plan,
how will you know if you’re winning?

Let’s talk. “

We are frequently presented the following scenario: A business will come to Accolade Group and ask for a website. When we ask, “what do you want the website to do, who will write the content, what is the purpose of the site,” we are frequently met with a blank stare.

The business needs to go beyond the stare and have a plan. The above questions should be answered. There should be a plan in written format that indicates how to evaluate the success or failure of the website.

Many times, the business want to “just begin.” Or, they will say, “but isn’t that what we are paying you for?”

Just beginning is never a good plan. And, no, this is not what you are paying us for.

So, the first thing that we will want to know is something about your business. How do you make your money? What do you want to promote on your website? Is your website the ONLY marketing plan you have or do you have other things going on with which your website can coordinate?

The answers to the above and many other questions will guide us in designing your website. And, by design, we don’t mean how the website looks; we mean, what is the intent of the website and how can that intent be accomplished.

If you don’t have a plan – and we can help you with a plan – you won’t know if you’re winning.