Who Comes to My Website?

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Why do you want to know who comes to your website?

If your business is a auto repair shop in Detroit and your website receives an unusual number of visitors from Seattle….wouldn’t that interest you?

If visitors to your website get as far as the first page and then leave…wouldn’t you want to know why?

The two examples above are only two of many reasons you want to know who comes to your website.

Your web developer can probably give you access to software that can answer the questions above.

If not, then they should be able to answer your questions about website visitors. They may not be able to do this immediately when you speak to them because, in all likelihood, they have a number of clients and don’t know the answers without checking your website.

The bottom line is this: you should know who is coming to your website and where they come from. If you don’t, then why do you have a website?

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