What Should I Change to Fix My Website?

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There are some basic elements that you need to look at to fix your website.

Fix my website appearance

Your website should look good. If you are not satisfied with how your website looks, then talk with your web developer and possibly consider another design. Because of the way websites are now being created, it’s possible that your developer can “throw a few switches” and poof! – You have a different looking website.

A visitor to your website will take about 5 – 10 seconds to glance at your first page, the Home Page, and decide if he wants to stay longer or click deeper into the website. If you have a lot of animation on that page, if you have an unorganized appearance, if it is difficult for the visitor to immediately see why Google has returned YOUR website in response to his query then it is likely that the visitor will return to the search results and move on to another website.

Don’t be overly clever on your Home Page. Give the visitor information in an obvious way without making him hunt to find what he is looking for.

Fix my website main menu

It is normal to place the main menu on the top of the page. Each menu item will probably have “drop down” lists of additional topics that belong under the main menu item. You should try to keep the top level menu item number to no more than six or seven with fewer being acceptable. Then, when you create a new web page, link to it from a drop down menu item that is properly categorized under the appropriate main menu item.

Fix my website speed

This fix is similar to the comments under “fix my website appearance” above. If your Home Page, or any page on your website, takes too long to load you need to examine why that is so. Remember, a visitor will only look at your website for a short time before deciding to stay or leave. How long is too long? Google has some free tools to determine your website speed and you should check them out. But, a website that takes longer than 8 – 10 seconds to load will see a loss of visitors.

Fix my website content

Regardless of what you may have heard, content is still king. In fact, the concept of “content marketing” uses the technique of keeping like topic together so that Google will recognize that a website has a whole lot to say about a single topic. If you have a number of pages relating to a single topic with links from one page to another and back again, Google will probably look more favorably on your website than if you have the same topic with multiple webpages but without internal links to them.

You should also remember not to overload a web page with information about too many various topics. Doing so will hinder Google from understanding what your web page is about and thus it will drop in the search results.

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