Your first question when considering Accolade Group of Vermont, LLC is likely to ask, “Who will I be working with?” The answer is not complex and we are proud to tell you about ourselves.

Anyone with whom you will speak about your project is prepared to answer all of your questions or to research an issue to provide an accurate and informed response. You can be sure that we will provide our best efforts to help you with your project.

Everyone on our team has experience and educational background in their area of expertise. Below, we highlight our team members and tell you more about them.

But, this is not the complete answer to your question. In addition to team qualifications, there is also company qualification.

Accolade Group not only offers effective technological strategies, but also insightful Internet business skills to produce successful on-line business solutions for our clients.

There is a strong focus on the business concept and strategy behind projects our clients bring to us. We believe tangible results come from integrating off-line business goals and practices with online business efforts. Consequently, we place great emphasis on assisting our clients with the planning and conceptual stages of their Internet investment.

Oliver F. Beauchemin

Accolade Group Team Oliver Beauchemin

Oliver is a co-founder of Accolade Group. His responsibilities at Accolade Group include Web site strategy, development, Internet application programming, maintaining our Internet servers, and administration. Oliver’s background involves over 15 years of computer programming experience and a BA and MA from Boston College. As Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization have become more important, Oliver has been developing as skill-set that has proved beneficial to clients wishing to have a prominent position of Search Engine Result Pages.

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Accolade Group Team Members

Shaun Danforth

Shaun has been a valued member of Accolade Group of Vermont, LLC since 2008. A devoted husband and father, his duties include interacting with a variety of clients in the United States, Canada, and Asia. Shaun holds a BS in Communications from Lyndon State College in Vermont. He lives with his wife and son in Essex Junction, VT.

Accolade Group Ujjwal Pal

Ujjwal Pal

Ujjwal Pal is from Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, in Uttar Pradesh, India.  Ujjwal completed 12th class at Krantikari Vasudev Gupta Public Inter College in Agra. Ujjwal has also completed computer application studies in Varanasi, the most holy city in India, at Sun Institute of Technology where he received a certificate of completion specializing in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Mr. Pal has completed a BCA from the School of Management Sciences in Varanasi where he specialized in the area of  Bachelor of Computer Applications.

In his final year of studies, Ujjwal founded Accolade Group of India, Pvt. Ltd. Frequently, tasks are assigned to this company from Accolade Group of Vermont, LLC.

Traveling (Mr. Pal has travelled to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and 15 States of India so far).

See all of Ujjwal’s accomplishments and certifications.

Accolade Group Ron Herman

Ron Herman

Ron is a co-founder of Accolade Group. His specialty is database development and Internet application programming. Ron has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.

Accolade Group Team Olivier Beauchemin

Olivier Beauchemin

Olivier, although not involved in the day-to-day business of Accolade Group, continues to be an important technical resource. His expertise in Internet networking technology provides Accolade Group with a significant technological edge. Olivier has worked as a Network Engineer at BBN, the original creators of the Internet. Recently, Olivier was a Senior Network Engineer at the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. Today, Olivier works in the Managed Services area of Presidio Networked Solutions.